Past Event Reviews

A day at the races by Titch McArthur – CSE Fox lake review 15/11/15

So its still dark outside and “my mammy” as she calls herself is up well before me, which is weird cause I make it my mission to always get her up as I know how much she enjoys it 😉

I’ve decided I’m just going to stay in bed until I figure why she’s up, before I decide if its worthwhile moving. I’m still tired as we had that crazy dug poppy stay over, man that dog is crazy, she kept eating all my biscuits!

Okay let’s get up, the running tights are on and she rumaging about the drawers for socks and a T-shirt, this can only mean one thing? Race time!!!

So we are on our way although I don’t know why poppy has come with us, she’s in the back out my road and I’ve called shotgun again, mums a sucker for my cute face. Decided to go for a nap on route as never sure how long the drive takes and its still dark.

“Right wee man” she says and she’s shoved my lead on, we have arrived! Oh I’ve been here before, knew it as soon as we got out the car. We started to walk down this road, im making every effort to pee on all the trees on the way down, bloody woman keeps dragging me away, god can’t a dug get a pee these days?! My mammy has got her race number and chatted to a few folk on the way down, seen some of my pals “hey Bear, oh there’s the ladies, Millie, Bree & kyla” the gang are here already, where’s my mukka Kobe? No answer from my mum, shes got selective hearing that one 😉

Mums starting to panic now, she’s dragged me back up that hill to the car, hope we ain’t goin home now? Nope not yet, thats my harness on and she’s got her trainers tied tight, we are u going now? Awh god, here comes poppy with her harness! Great I’m running with her again! I don’t normally mind running with poppy to be honest but she’s really fast, we do actually work well together but she never slows down and I’m usually gubbed after a wee while, we won 3rd place one day but my mum gave her owner all the winnings and I didn’t get any so I’ve never forgiven her 😦

we are heading back down the track, passing all these people and dogs who I don’t regonise? Who are all these dogs? Dying to get a sniff but I’m being dragged past most of them, we must be running late as we seem to be rushing. We are standing on the soggy grass, jeeze its ringing and boggin, there’s loads of dogs, not sure who most are but I can see my buddy Kobe just took off dragging his dad behind haha.  We start to make our way over to the start line, poppy is keen to go already, I’m itching to get started but my feet are wet already and its cold.  Watching them all take off and then its nearly our shot, mums talking to a woman with a big grey dug, he’s not wanting to say hello so I’ve turned around to chat to a husky but he’s buzzing to go and can’t talk either. We are nearly there and I can’t contain my excitement, come on man what’s the hold up?! And we are off!

Man its so muddy, heading through these trees and weird metal posts hanging down, poppy has taken the lead already and dragging us both behind, this bit seems dry and I start to increase my pace, heading up a hill  slightly and I see John (Bauers dad) standing pointing to us to go left, wonder what happened to his arm? Oh there’s the car again, starting to think I want to head back there to my blanket but we are heading straight past, i can here that husky coming up behind us, can’t be having that, “right poppy let’s do this” and we speed down the hill. Awh god what is with all the mud? It’s boggin, sack this crap, I’m not running in that, its up to my chest already! A canny be doing with this, my mum is burst already by the sounds of her breathing, poppy has taken off and doing all the work, I’ve decided I can’t be doing with this and I’m just going to trot along at my own pace.  

we have been running for ages, passed this big tractor thing and the guy just gave us a wave “alright mate”. That’s us into the forest now, no more mud thank God! I’ve picked up my pace again, so much nicer to run on the sand, my paws are boggin. My mum has had to stop a couple times to let folk past, I gave up ages ago so don’t mind the rest stops. We are heading up behind 2 other dugs (terrorists my mum calls them, actually she calls me that sometimes?!), canny mind there names but there maw has pulled them in out our way, “cheers missus” and on we go.

My mammy is pleading with me to hike on and get up front with poppy, I probably should but canny be bothered so I’m staying at her side, poppy is in her glory, every puddle we passed she’s dragged me in with her, doesn’t she realise its freezing man! “Get a move on poppy, we don’t have all day”! Oh I see someone I recognise, its Jane, Bradley’s mum, she’s shouting on me to come on, so I decided okay then I may as well and my mammy is telling me how I’m a “good boy”, she’s been chatting to poppy most of the way round, I ended up tuning out.

Okay I can hear loads of noise and see folk in front of us, we must be nearly at the finish? People are cheering, woohoo we are nearly done. Turns round to look at my mammy and there she goes, straight out, arms flying and she’s decked it in the mud! Hahahahaha idiot, ooft she’s back up quick this time, shouted out “im alright” and we are off again, she’s unsteady on her feet just now, its even worse with mud over this bit than the start. And thats us done! Straight past the woman with the weird hat and black thing in her hand, they have called my name out, Titch! Ye haa! Poppy just gave me a dirty look like “ya lazy git”, there’s just no pleasing some folk these days, I mean I’m happy to get boggin when it suits me but I didny sign up for this mud today.

Back to the car and my mammy has tied the medal around my head for a photy, “ come on woman, its freezing, get me cleaned and I want my jumper on”. Ages later it seems and we are both dry and I’ve got my skull jumper on and mums handing out the biscuit’s, its about time! She’s cleaning the mud out her toes chatting to the girl parked next to us with the terriers who we passed, chatting about how good it was and how muddy, “yeah no sh*t Sherlock!” Just a wee bit mud my ar*e!

My mum has come back to get me, she went away and left us to heat up and finish our biscuits, bet she’s been away stuffing her face without me, heard her saying to Sam’s mum that the cafe had great food. We are once again heading down the road, chatting to folk on the way past, “well done mate, good race” there looks like there’s still people racing, think it’s the wee yins running now.

Can see Bear up ahead, we have been heading towards them for ages but I keep meeting my pals and all these new dugs, getting a good sniff at some on the way past, my mum is talking non stop, hurry up man I want to go see my pals! Sitting here watching this person out on the water splashing about, I can’t contain my excitement and keep barking “ahhhhh geeze a shot” I’ve been told to shhh a few times but its crazy, went to jump in but decided against it as still got my jumper on, my mum has gave up on me and we are going back to the car, oh that’s us we are heading home? nope actually, she’s drove us down the hill and parked.

“Hey, where u going?” Selective hearing again as she leaves me sitting. Think poppy must be sleeping cause I haven’t heard her in ages. Just sitting here for a while watching people passing and then what seems like forever, my mum is back, slips me another biscuit and we start up and looks like we are heading home. Ive decided to get some shut eye, I’m shattered from being up so early then racing then all that walking up and down, got to see all my pals and say cheerio until next time. That’s us home after a good day out, wonder when we are going to Nana’s for dinner?


Coalsnaughton review 19/09/15

Team VP’s weekend adventure!

With the race day dates getting ever closer, the race day nerves start to build; Jenny, our team captain, hits the OCD Death Con 1 mode button and goes into overdrive with weekend preparations, I always suffer from short term memory loss and have no idea what’s going on and where we are heading and then we have Bear: our Siberian Husky who will almost always be found sleeping on the sofa without a care in the world.

Coalsnaughton, in our opinion is a truly all round fantastic venue, backdrop and course to host a canicross event. A venue which is centrally located enough for most entrants, ample parking and camping space, toilet and water facilities and have I mentioned “that backdrop?!” WOW. After spending a night of camping and waking up to a beautifully crisp air morning where we were greeted with the Ochils, what more could we ask for.

All too often over this weekend and every other event hosted by “CCS Cani-Sports Scotland,” you would have heard Jenny and I comment and compliment between ourselves on just how well organised these events are. To use cheesy superlatives such as, “runs like clockwork,” or, “with military precision” would at times seem an injustice to the level of planning and preparation implemented by the organising members. From the moment we arrive to the moment we leave, we are in great hands and can mentally switch off and have a lovely time with the many new friends that we have made; for us, this is what makes a great weekend of canicross.

The race and the quiet before the storm!

Getting changed into our running kit, gathering for the pre-race briefing and making our way over to the start area is when the race nerves really build momentum for us! This is compounded tenfold when warming up and having a stretch in the field adjacent to the starting line; the atmosphere and excitement erupts in a spectacular crescendo as the dogs, they know what is coming and just cannot wait to get running, howl and bark and pull and jump around in anticipation! Anyone reading this and knows our dog, Bear, will know just how much noise he makes!

I said before that Coalsnaughton is a fantastic course, it truly is and with this year’s course layout changes made it all the better!

Much of the route is firm under foot, most of the route is quite narrow and tree lined giving the runner a good sense of covering ground very quickly. When making progress through the 5.8K distance, at times you feel that it’s getting easier and you may be coming closer to the end and then you are greeted with another uphill section which makes you think twice!

This year, the organising members/ our hosts created a superb downhill home stretch of perhaps 200 meters where you were greeted by your fellow runners, family and friends all cheering you on. What made this home stretch change so great was that after almost 6K of running where your muscles and lungs are burning and begging for you to stop, seeing so many happy faces and hearing so many positive chants and shouts of support provides your with a surge of energy that you never realised that you had! This new surge of energy mixed with mob mentality urges that one more final sprint and I am sure that there were many runners this weekend who are normally not sprinters, give that little bit extra! (The picture attached to this review will give you an idea of this home stretch.)

Lee - Edit

For Team VP, another fantastic weekend was had. Taking up canicross at the beginning of 2015, taking part in the regular events, volunteering when possible, joining the welcoming social circles of canicross has been a truly fantastic decision and we will look forward to many more “CCS Cani-Sports Scotland,” adventures.

No Cani-Sorts Scotland season would be quite complete without a 2K sprint at Mugdock Country Park, a nice cherry atop the proverbial cake to end the season on a nice muscle aching high!

In this season of 2014/15, this was our second outing at Mugdock. On the first occasion to Mugdock, some months before, both Jenny and I had took part in the regular season race; we both being at this point newbies to canicross.

Mugdock Country Park, for us, is a terrific venue to host a race like this; great parking, ample space for all runners and dogs to get prepared, great locations for event photographers, due to a good course layout a good viewing point for spectators to view the runners finishing and last but not least, great trails for both runner and dog!

With having run at this park before and even going for a leisurely walk around one week earlier, I was trying to mentally prepare myself for what was to come having never run such a short course before. Thinking back now of the build up to the race, our Siberian Husky howling like a crazy dog, the opening downhill sprint with all peripheral images just blurring past, the terrific change of surface as the course developed, with the time ceding being quite accurate I vividly recall always having someone in front to chase and always hearing someone not far behind chasing us.

I often think that when participating in these CSS events that you are so physically and mentally invested in the race its easy to forget how much of your energy/ stamina is drained from you. When nearing the finishing line and seeing and hearing so many people cheering and shouting you home, having that positivity goes a long way to giving you that boost and to see your dogs ears prick up back up is invigorating!

After another great day, our organising members putting on a fantastic barbeque for everyone to get together and swap stories of the day and to recap over the season was just perfect.

A big thank you to CSS, without the constant high level of planning and preparation nothing would have been possible.

A big thank you to all our fellow cani-crossers! Meeting so many like minded people who love their four-legged friends and love to be as active as us has been heart warming!

See you all next season!


End of Season Sprint, Mugdock Park, May 2015

No Cani-Sorts Scotland season would be quite complete without a 2K sprint at Mugdock Country Park, a nice cherry atop the proverbial cake to end the season on a nice muscle aching high!

In this season of 2014/15, this was our second outing at Mugdock. On the first occasion to Mugdock, some months before, both Jenny and I had took part in the regular season race; we both being at this point newbies to canicross.

Mugdock Country Park, for us, is a terrific venue to host a race like this; great parking, ample space for all runners and dogs to get prepared, great locations for event photographers, due to a good course layout a good viewing point for spectators to view the runners finishing and last but not least, great trails for both runner and dog!

With having run at this park before and even going for a leisurely walk around one week earlier, I was trying to mentally prepare myself for what was to come having never run such a short course before. Thinking back now of the build up to the race, our Siberian Husky howling like a crazy dog, the opening downhill sprint with all peripheral images just blurring past, the terrific change of surface as the course developed, with the time ceding being quite accurate I vividly recall always having someone in front to chase and always hearing someone not far behind chasing us.

I often think that when participating in these CSS events that you are so physically and mentally invested in the race its easy to forget how much of your energy/ stamina is drained from you. When nearing the finishing line and seeing and hearing so many people cheering and shouting you home, having that positivity goes a long way to giving you that boost and to see your dogs ears prick up back up is invigorating!

After another great day, our organising members putting on a fantastic barbeque for everyone to get together and swap stories of the day and to recap over the season was just perfect.

A big thank you to CSS, without the constant high level of planning and preparation nothing would have been possible.

A big thank you to all our fellow cani-crossers! Meeting so many like minded people who love their four-legged friends and love to be as active as us has been heart warming!

See you all next season!


Beagle Power at Duncarron Sunday 26th April 2015

The Beagles and I weren’t able to take part in the whole weekend of racing at Duncarron unfortunately, but we were very excited to be racing on the Sunday. We had missed the March race at Coalsnaughton and definitely had withdrawal symptoms!

Race prep began on Saturday night, as we’d be leaving at 6.30am on Sunday to get the first ferry over from Dunoon. Unfortunately Rhum spotted his harness being packed and proceeded to act like an idiot, causing chaos all evening, as he thought we were about to head out for a run there and then. On Sunday morning, I whilst shoving our bags into the car, I proceeded to smash the bowl of porridge I’d made for the ferry trip, all over the garden path. Beagle clean up party to the rescue!

The Beagles don’t get their breakfast on race days as we usually have a reasonable car journey to make first, and Rhum isn’t the best traveller. However, this time he excelled himself and vomited up Rhanna’s poo all over the boot – he obviously decided my porridge wasn’t enough to fill his belly that morning so had snaffled it from the garden before we left. Good job I love that boy dearly.

Once we’d arrived, we collected our race number, greeted our fellow racers and Beagle owners and had a cup of tea. A nice relaxing way to start a race and definitely helps keep any nerves in check. I love that about these events, everyone is so welcoming, friendly and supportive no matter if you are a first timer, fairly new to Canicross like us or a seasoned racer. Then the Beagles had their pre-race snack of Royal Canin Energy, or Rhanna and Rhum’s Racing Rocket fuel as I call it. This contains a high level of short chain fatty acids giving them a rapidly accessible high level of energy and antioxidants to neutralise free radicals from their efforts. As a Vet Nurse and a self-proclaimed nutrition geek, the nutritional support of the Beagles is as important to me as my own.

We made our way to the start line, we’d seeded much higher up the pack than in previous races due to our success at Mugdock and this meant I needed to be super organised and ready to go straight after the briefing. The ever extending Duncarron Hill loomed in front of us as we awaited our turn. Then, before we knew it, we were off! The Beagles tore up the hill, dragging me behind them as I tried to avoid the wet rocks and roots in case I slipped and fell. Once on the fire road at the top, the Beagles settled into their race pace and I tried desperately to keep up with them. The sun was shining, my legs felt good and the Beagles were on fire. For those 20 minutes, nothing in the world existed, we were just running together as a team and it felt great. We had a slight issue when we encountered the two way traffic, Rhanna got distracted and tried to run off right as Rhum and I were going left, she realised and ran back towards us, but ended up behind me and I had to do some can-can dancing to avoid landing on my bum. The Beagles looked at me like I was crazy, as if to say ‘What are you doing? This is a race you know!’


We headed along the lakeside and I had to remind myself we were racing and not to spend too long admiring the view. As we were nearing the finish area, Rhanna could hear the excitement and the hustle and bustle so started her Beagle scream (usually reserved for chasing deer), I love that she loves racing as much as me and she always gives it her all despite her wee legs. I gave them all I’d got left in my legs and almost managed a sprint and we crossed the finish line. After a congratulatory wrestle, the 3 of us headed of into the woods to walk off our legs and cool down in the river.

The Beagles then snuggled up in the boot together for a power nap, whilst I joined the other racers at the start line for the kids/short course race. The skies darkened and it snowed. Actually snowed. A huge contrast to the 16 degree sunshine we’d just raced in and I felt so sorry for everyone still to go. We cheered extra loud as they set off into the snow, somehow hoping that would will them round a bit quicker.

IMG_7657The prize giving was a great event as usual, with extra presentations for race weekend champions. We were racing in the Female 2 dog category, Ben, Jake and Louise took the top spot on the podium and stormed the win by over 3 minutes, we followed onto the podium in  second and Karen then joined us in third place and we grinned inanely together for a podium selfie.

For us the day was a fantastic mix of competitive spirit, good humour, new friends and sharing time with our four legged pals doing what we love, running. I’m sure I’m not alone in recognising the efforts Karen, Linda and the rest of the team go to for each event. You guys have made yet another highlight in our year, the work that goes into these events is immense and we thank you dearly for it. We can’t wait until the next one at Mugdock, see you all in May!

Lindsay Moss


Ruff Dugger and the Canifit Experience 14th & 15th March 2015

I had looked forward to this weekend of canicrossing fun for a long time, as race director for Cani-Sports Scotland its not often I get to relax and enjoy an event and this was my chance. I also really like mud and technical courses, not being fast, these sorts of courses appeal to me and its where I mostly choose to run when out with the dogs at home.
Set off earl heading to Ayrshire try11076750_10206227330671744_8280074434237040424_oing to miss the rush hour traffic and was one of the caravans to arrive so got a parking spot in the farmyard and was delighted when friends parked around me, this was going to be a good weekend.
I had entered Bikjor with a neighbors dog, Misty Blue, that I run with a couple of times a week, shes fast and really enjoys the bike as she can stretch her legs and run at her speed, was starting to have second thoughts, lots of soft grass and mud, would I actually be able to cycle or just run and push?
Saturday morning arrives and its time for Ruff Dugger, we missed the last one due to Kennel cough so was doubly looking forward to it, my dog of choice was Tiree a well know mud loving, puddle scooping collie who is up for anything I ask her to do. We watched the start and laughed at those that lost shoes or windmilled their way down the first muddy field and wondered why they all took so long to come out the other side of those woods?
Soon it was our turn on the start line, Tiree as excited as usual me with an old pair of Scott’s trail shoes taped on with gaffa tape.
Now we found out why they took so long in those woods! First obstacle was a ditch that was fine we popped over than and headed for the first mud obstacle, tried to run, that lasted one step, it was deeper than knee deep, deeper than Tiree’s legs were long, she kept trying to find a better path and was confused why her stupid mum was struggling through the deep bits, we got through that bit, it was fun but slow, by me lifting Tiree by her harness and moving her along then sucking my legs out one at a time to make forward progress. The next bit was easy in comparison a watery drainage ditch at the side of a perfectly good road that Tiree kept trying to go on to, then it dawned on her, like a light bulb going on in her little collie brain, “we are supposed to run through the mud mum? I get it now” out the ditch and we could see Jane and Bradley Irvine ahead of us (Bradly has even shorter legs) a quick “hike on Tiree” and we were off heading for the next, and my favorite 5D__3106bit of the course.
Fallen trees, slippy narrow paths on the side of a steep gorge, me and my agility trained collie made light work of the obstacles with an “over – wait” command working well and giving me the chance to jump the log without face planting on the other side, Tiree was loving this now and listening for instructions like the good we agility dog she is. We passed a couple of folks on this section an unusual experience for me!
Out on to more normal trails with puddles to be scooped and a river to run down through, that rinsed off some of the mud as she was one mucky pup. We ran on to the finish overtaking a few very tired looking people and dogs to one last log to jump and we were done. A quick dunk in the conveniently placed horse trough and Tiree was as good as new.

7D__0768 Ruff Dugger lived up to my expectations, my dog was amazing and I’m so looking forward to the next one.
Day 2 The Cani-Fit Exerience
An early start to pack up my caravan as I needed away sharp to watch my son win a Scottish Championship medal in Glasgow.
Today was the day for my first Bikjor race with Misty, James Harwood had fixed my bike up and given advice about not using my font break. The start was a bit to fast for comfort with Misty charging off down the track like a pro, 5D__3642I stayed of the breaks and she soon settled to a good pace hindered only by me not being able to find the right gear for the easy bits. I event managed to cycle up the grassy hill and through the water with the only

bit I had to get off the bike for was getting up the wee steep bit out the water as I was yet again in the wrong gear. We finished in a time of 15mins and 2 second 7th place out of 11 so very pleased and loads to improve on. Hardly had time to dry off the dog and make sure she was comfy in the car with a drink and we were off to run 2 dog canicross with Jura and Finn (these 2 are not my first choice for 2 dog normally run Tiree and Jura who work great together but this weekend was about having fun and getting all 4 dogs a run). Finn was naught at the start and tried to nip Jura so we didn’t go off very fast and then they trotted round quite the thing enjoying the view while I ran as fast as I could on tired bikjor legs. I 7D__1704prised at the finish that my watch said I was faster than it had felt (20.22 on my watch) we but shot off to Glasgow before the prize giving where I was awarded 3rd place in my absence.

All in all a fabulous weekend the Sat night social was excellent, the venue perfect, the company great and my dogs had fun and gave me great pleasure being out in the countryside with them. Roll on the next event I like being a punter and hats off to Lindsay and her team for hosting such an great event.
Karen Connal” target=”_blank”>CLICK HERE FOR A VIDEO by Ali Black of” target=”_blank”>Ruff Dugger



Mugdock Country Park – Canicross Races – 15th February 2015


Zane and I took part in our first ever Canicross Sports race at Mugdock on 15th February 2015.
Although we had been doing some training together, our first official session was the Tuesday before the race, this is when I realised that we did have a long way to go.
Zane is a 5 year old male lab/ whippet cross. We adopted him at 9 months from Dog’s Trust, where we were told he had been through a very traumatic time and he would need a lot of work and TLC before rehabilitated. After a while, we found out he also suffers from epilepsy.
We employed the help of Elaine Henley and worked very hard with Zane, he really did not have a clue how to live in a house or have any trust with humans.
Although Zane is still very noisy around new dogs, it’s more excitement of wanting to be off lead and playing as well as being a bit stressed with the new situation. He just goes about it all the wrong way!
I have a dog walking company and Zane is very well socialised, however unlike when I am with the dogs I work with, I do tend to get quite stressed with Zane and new dogs, so I know this does not help him.
Zane really has become a wonderful pet and brother to our older dog Ziggy and our 3 year old girl just adores him.
For his sake, I knew we had to do something different, so when a friend suggested I try Canicross Sports, I thought it could be just the thing.
I contacted Karen and made her fully aware of Zane’s issues. She was amazing and told me not to worry. We went along to our first session (the wrong class) and everyone made us feel so welcome.
Zane was really well behaved and I came home that night so proud of him and very excited about the race.

Lisa and Zane coming up to the finish of the 5k long course in 43:34

Mugdock is Zane’s favourite place in the world, so I hoped he would enjoy it.
Come race day, I realised I had nothing to worry about, most of the dogs were noisy and although Zane did bark, he wasn’t really barking at anything in particular.
We had a great time, although we were quite slow and finished last. My boy was brilliant, he was so well behaved and loved every minute of it.
The organisation was wonderful and really easy to follow for our first time and everyone was just so lovely and welcoming.
We still have a good way to go with training and pace but we will get there. I’m so pleased we decided to take the jump and I’m also so proud of my boy, who would believe the mental mutt we met at Dog’s Trust all those years ago would now be running  Canicross races.

Thank you all again

Lisa and Zane xx

Mugdock Official Photographs

John Lang & Bauer 3rd Male 15 – 39 category
No 11 Iain McGill and Buzz who won the 15-39 category in an amazing 17:02 mins. No 5 Louise 1st in 2 dog with Jake and Ben in 18:04
Race director Karen Connal and sisters Tiree and Jura 4th in female 2 dog
Lots of red shorts but actually representing 3 groups Edinburgh, Cani-Fit and NATBs


Jedburgh Running Festival – Canicross Race – 25th October 2014

Race Report, Doug, Kima & Maya  McKinnon, Canisports Edinburgh

Kima: He’s wearing that stupid red top again, you know what that means!

Maya: Can’t be arsed running today, I am staying on this warm bed!

Leon: I’m ready, let’s GO!!!


Doug: Kima I like this T-Shirt, Leon your ready quick, Maya and Hayley get up its race time!!!

0530hrs – Early start in the Team McKinnon house as always on race days, usually driven by me, closely followed by Leon, once he had worked out what was going on. The three girls including Hayley definitely prefer a lie in when given the choice.

Jedburgh race chat at Cani-Sports Edinburgh, regarding the course; “running two dogs is brave, very brave”, “the course is really tough, especially running two dog” . I am trying to stay as injury free as possible, after some recent bad luck and since my three monsters can pull with the best of them I erred on the side of caution and decided to run one dog with Leon. Leon is a new addition and joined our pack this summer and this would be his first race running one dog after running a couple of two dog races with Kima. Hayley was running Kima in one dog and Maya got her wish!

Breakfast had, van packed and off we go…..

As we arrived met by the usual friendly faces, it was nice and cool weather wise but dry so that always helps when your furry friends really would prefer -30C and some thick snow.

Race start: 7.6km ahead of us, let’s do this…..

We were lining up 11th out of 40 or so peeps, which I like as the dogs are always better with something/someone to chase. It began with Leon not quite sure which way to face on the start line but he took off brilliantly and it wasn’t long until the gruelling course began to make itself clear as we started to run what can only be described as “THE HILL”. I looked at my watch 1.5km and it already felt as if I had ran at least 5km at this point. The hill was such that it was kind to us runners by only revealing a little bit of itself at a time, so you would think “that MUST be the end of the hill now” as you approached the top only to find a further hill awaited, I know someone who may still call that undulating (Lan). Leon on the other hand was having a great time, chasing the livestock as we ran!!!

The downhill, could not have come soon enough, so I used my lightweight frame and Leon’s speed (once I had taken on board some oxygen) and we threw ourselves down the hill. All I could hear, well apart from my heart trying to burst out of my chest was Colin Reid shouting encouragement to his dog Anna not far behind, Colin ran a brilliant race and kept us going at the end as I refused to let him catch me!!

I remember passing Alana Darling who was standing marshalling that day and gasping and spluttering out “can’t be far now Alana, surely”. It wasn’t and we fired home along the finishing stretch to a time a little under 33mins for 7.6km of “THE HILL”, I was just happy to have finished and Leon had ran so well for his first one dog race we managed 3rd overall and 2nd in our class!!

It was a fantastic race; definitely the most challenging of the calendar by far and what made it stand out from other races was it really gave you a sense of achievement from completing the course!

Jedburgh Pic for website
Doug and Leon 2nd in Male 25-39 3rd overall in a time of 32.57

Karen always does a wonderful job with these races, we as a Team me, Hayley, Kima, Maya and Leon have only taken part in a handful as this is a new hobby for us but it is one that we love and will be at several more races in the future!

Jedburgh Results


Cani-Fit Experience III, Bowlands, Blairgowrie, October 2014.

Having been aware of CaniX in England, but not having seen anything similar in Scotland I was delighted to find this event during an internet search!

As it was almost next door to me I had absolutely no excuse not to go along…  I acquired a basic waistbelt, running line and harness and turned up with Édes, my one year old Hungarian Wire-Haired Vizsla.

I’ve been involved in running, both road and trail for a number of years off and on, but tbh I hadn’t been doing much for the past couple of years so was fairly unfit!

I really didn’t know what to expect, either at or from the event!

What I did find was a bunch of like-minded folks who made us welcome from the minute we appeared through the gate until we left!

I found Lindsay as I registered, introduced myself and was made to feel part of the family.

Édes and I went for a wander and a chat before our Cani-Cross event (5k), watched the start of some of the Bikejor and Scooter classes (scary!!! 🙂 ).

All too soon it was time to get in line for the start of our run. Édes was slightly confused this being our first time, I was slightly apprehensive… From the sound of things the experienced dogs certainly enjoyed it and couldn’t wait for the off…

Suddenly we were next!  Into the starting box, Garmin started, and we’re off! Set off WAYYY too fast, dragged along the first straight by an excited Édes, fortunately the previous runner and dog were still in sight at the first bend, so Édes just followed them…

So far, so good…

As we plodded along Édes became aware of a runner and dog behind us. Not being used to this she decided to stop and look back! Not conducive to allowing the faster pair through! I had to stop, pull her to the side and wait until we’d been overtaken and then set off again. A process which was repeated several times on our way around the course I can assure you!

We must have looked comical – a lithe, fit young dog pulling a ball of lard along behind her!

We moved from grassy trail to muddier section in woods, back to grass, avoided the scary photographers kneeling by the side of the course and look – there’s the finish line!

Summoning a burst of energy I managed to raise my speed to a semblance of a sprint and we were loudly cheered as we crossed the line!

I felt knackered, Édes was more than ready to go around again!

Everyone was very chatty and friendly, lots of compliments about Édes…

Did we enjoy it – definitely!

Would we do it again – yes, we’ve now completed several Cani-Cross races, I’ve got back my running mojo and Édes comes out running with me in the mornings.

My area didn’t have a local group, so along with a girl I met at this event, also her first, we’ve started a new group to cover Dundee & Angus.

Jim Masson & Édes


Coalsnaughton 2 days of Races – 13th & 14th Septmeber 2014

Race Report, Jane Irvine, Canisports Edinburgh

The weekend loomed with several challenges! Warm weather – might it be impossible to run dogs? The first race of the season-would legs or dog work? Would my nervous, recently attacked puppy dog Peggy cope with the event and dog numbers? And could I put up my tent on my own?!


None presented any issue. Cani Sports Scotland’s excellent arrangements meant we ran earlier than normal, but it was cool. All ten legs operated well! And thanks to the wonderful kindness of everyone involved in cani sports Peggy pup coped easily and I got tent help.

The racing was just great! The Coalsnaughton course is wonderful. A bit longer, to present a bit of an extra challenge, but great going under paw and good, wide scenic trails. Again, organisation was superb. Dog baths added in for warm canine athletes was a magic touch. An offer to adjust start times to limit stress to Peggy so she didn’t have a dog close behind was hugely appreciated and though not taken up a wonderful demonstration of how caring Scotland’s cani crossers are.

As for the tent, well this was the first time I had stayed over at a two day event. And how well worth it! The extra excitement of a dog triathlon on Saturday afternoon made the afternoon post racing fun and friendly. The BBQ was a great social event.   And the sunny, sheltered yard with seating, sun and a convivial atmosphere made the weekend just the best weekend ever.

So my dogs had a ball. Camping was easy. Excellent running and a great time socially. An absolutely perfect mixture! Huge thanks due to all involved in organisation, especially Karen Connal and hosts Linda & Putt Lucey. Couldn’t have asked for more and definitely hooked on two day camp over events!

RESULTS click here (Search for Cani-Sports Scotland)


More Photos to view and buy click hereIMG_1120


Duncarron 3 day Event Races – 25th, 26th & 27th April 2014

Race Report, Claire Williams, Canicross Anglesey

IMG_7236Duncarron was the first ever road trip for our new little club but what a wonderful welcome and a truly fantastic time all of us from Canicross Anglesey had in Scotland last month. Our team was just four runners (two of whom were Canicross race virgins) but we came home with lots of rosettes and loads of new friends. From a technical perspective, the courses were challenging for our experienced runners (the big hill…) yet still achievable for our newbies. Organisation was impeccable yet relaxed and the fast starts made it much easier than some for my own overly excitable spaniel! My abiding memory, I have raced all over England and Wales but this is the first race ever where a competitor passed me, then called back to encourage my dog on – with that sort of sportsmanship, we will definitely be coming back.

To find results for each day on racesplitter results page search for CSS and April 2014

More Photos Here


Team Small but Mighty’s Race report from Ruff Dugger
Sat 30th August 2014

“….. After hauling myself and her out of the mud like some prehistoric throwbacks, I staggered towards the trail, my feet now heavy with wet sticky mud and slippy with it. Maisie of course, was back into rocket mode, I think the mud actually made her faster….”



CSS Coalsnaughton Race – 23rd March 2014

Race Report, Jane Irvine


The day dawned bright at 4.30 am…up and out with an unwell doggy running partner!   As we knew the problem was not infectious we drove on up anyway…hoping my partner would improve.  He didn’t, but in true Edinburgh Group Team Fashion Ali Wylie kindly said I could renew a partnership with the lovely Jasper.


Great I thought!   Sunny day.  Perfect temperatures.  Jasper was going to love it!  A challenge for me!  Then nerves set in!  And I was right to be worried.  During a wee warm up she nearly took me off my feet and throughout the race she kept turning to me telling me to ‘Move Faster like my Mum!”

The course was a superb mix of soft trails, a bit longer than usual at 5.6K with a number of up and some downhills.  The route took us past fields, through woods and via some swerving corners to a great downhill finish.  Jasper enjoyed the views and sights at a steady but powerful trot.  I couldn’t see a thing through a blurr of sweat, effort & being unable to catch my breath. I arrived crimson face at the finish with barely enough strength to hug the still lively Jasper!  My legs took several days to recover!


We were then treated to a fabby feed, including hot soup and bacon butties, and coffees and raffle (for samaratins Purse), and a collection (for homeless dogs) all to be enjoyed knowing they were for good causes.   All also enjoyed in a sunny courtyard that made the event especially sociable.  Finally as the major treat of the day, we got to see 4 hour old lambs, thanks so much Linda Lucey for this extra treat!

Some fantastic course times were set, including the fastest finisher at of 20:13:4 Jasper’s Mum Ali Wylie with Zac at and a stunning two dog time from Louise Mitchell of 21:56:1

We finished with a sun filled dog walk for which my wee furry friend recovered….alls well that ends well!   Thanks Karen, Linda and all those who marshalled for a fine, fine event. Thanks Ali Wylie for a fine, fine athlete to run with!

Coalsnaughton pic 1


CSS Mugdock Race – 23rd Feb 2014

Mugdock Race Report, John Lang (aka rent-a-dog man)


Mugdock was where the Lang clan was first introduced to Canicross when we had Bauer there as a pup trying desperately to tire him out and saw all these crazy people running around with their dogs attached to them. Little did they know a year later they would be very enthusiastic crazy people running with their dog and my loaner dog (big Struan!)

I have a thing against running in the rain, cold, mud and anything else I can moan about so in the week leading up to the race, when it rained constantly, I wasn’t looking forward to it. Then on the morning of the race when the rain was biblical and it started to sleet on the way to the race I was looking forward to it even less.

Bauer as usual knew what he was about to do and once we got to the car park started playing car gymnastics around the car when he is meant to stay in the boot. I meanwhile sheltered in the car wishing I had stayed in bed and Manda went off doing her networking amongst everyone leaving grumpy (me) to it.

I eventually surfaced (albeit covered head to tie in full waterproof gear), had a sneaky check of the course with Struan and immediately thought it would be a better idea to run round the first corner attached to a Chihuahua than the mental, fast Labradoodle I was about to do it in given how muddy and slippy it looked but though it would be fun anyway. I also had a wee chuckle in his head thinking of Manda getting catapulted round it by a possessed Collie who takes off like a Bat Out of Hell.

Race time approached and the rain got heavier and more sideways. I’d noticed a lot of new faces in my class (always a good thing when new people are appearing at races) and my arch rival James and Widdle Leonard just behind me on the starting line up. James had told me he had made a New Year’s resolution to beat me at a Canicross race in 2014 and me, being not at all competitive…… , was determined for that not to happen!

Straun was going pretty loopy at the line and then we set off. Made it round the first corner with a few minor slips and then came to the bit where the mud sloped off to the right to the path. I had thought the worst thing that could happen was Struan going one side of the wee tree and me the other resulting in a comedy bungee coming together of man and dog. No, instead I managed to do a Klinsmann off the mud and landed right on my front on the gravel path (ouchy) right in front of Straun’s mum, Kirsty, who was the first marshal. We picked ourselves back up, got untangled and set off after James and a newbie who had overtaken us. This, however, was to be James’ day.

Pride comes before a fall!

The course was very varied terrain and on the paths I was able to get my big lanky stride going and keep a good pace however on the mud and hills I really struggled. I was putting so much effort into keeping my feet and keeping up with James that by about 4km in I had no fuel left. Add into that another comedy fall where I slipped on the mud and got dragged along on my back by Struan who hadn’t realised I’d fallen and it just wasn’t going to be my day. Again though on the downhill path past the loch I was able to cut the distance and come level with James and the new guy (sorry I don’t know your name but all I can remember is you were a big stocky guy who could run very fast!) but by then both Struan and I were flagging.

On the section coming back to the ruined house before you turn up the hill back to the first marshal point I had to walk for a breather. I was spent. Straun too, tired of dragging 12 odd stone of human, had used up all he had. At this point something passed us, we weren’t sure what it was as it was going that fast it was a blur but eventually focused on Running Jasper and Zac breaking the land speed record for Canicross!

Class Winners James & Widdle

That spurred us on and we ran / jogged back to the finish. Neither of us had it in us to do a sprint finish, not that the slippy grass would’ve allowed us and the picture of us coming round the corner to the finish pretty much summed up our race. We were soaked, knackered and had put everything into it. If there was ever a pic of man and dog looking alike this was it. We both had drawn faces, gulping in air to get the lungs to work a bit further, and looked exhausted.

One part I hadn’t factored was how to stop after the finish line and decided the best method was to plant both feet and slide until Struan stopped. Worked for me but Manda and Matt Bull had a competition to see who could cross the line in the most dramatic and muddy style (Manda narrowly edging it and winning the muddiest pair prize with Bauer).  Struan and I came a distant fourth in our category with James claiming the win.

Winners of Muddiest Pair Prize
Matt Bull
Think Matt Bull might have been robbed though it was a close fought decision

The best bit about Canicross is the camaraderie at the end and the prize giving. There is no gloating in your face stuff. Everyone says well done to everyone no matter what their results. Yes Struan and I were disappointed but it wasn’t to be my day and I wasn’t about to let it detract from everyone elses. On a drier day I might’ve been closer as I would be able to get my gazelle style of running going on. James on the other hand is a crazy hill runner so he was in his element and thoroughly deserved his win. Manda missed out on placing by seconds again (2nd time this season!)

Wet and muddy

Another great Canicross event with the sport going from strength to strength and the added bonus of great bacon rolls in the wee café afterwards.

More photos of Mugdock Races 

SDASS Darnaway (girls weekend with Scott)

As race director for Canisports Scotland I dont often get to actually race my dogs so when a free weekend in my diary could be filled with a 2 day SDASS event with open canicross races I just had to go for it. Face book found me traveling buddies in Jane Irvine and Viv Black and the bold Scott decided he would come too – this was going to be fun.

Jane found us great accommodation in a wee warm and comfy cabin 5 miles from the forest (no we are not sharing details its ours for next year!) negotiated allowing all 4 dogs in and Viv brought some yummy food, Scott particularly liked the soup.

Long drive made easier by all the talking and an pleasant evening carb loading and not drinking at all!!

Arrived at Daraway forest way to early in the morning to get a very brief briefing that told us not a lot apart from the trail was well marked, could have stayed in bed as our races were not tip much later on in the afternoon. We entertained ourselves by watching the sled dog races which were interesting and even had to get involved when one 6 dogs team ground to a halt next to us as the wheel had come off the rig “grab that dog” shouted the Musher! ok . . . Jane and I did as asked.

It was a long, long wait though and I would think twice about going again because of that by the time we were ready to run we were bored and a bit switched-off but our dogs were up for it and as soon as we got going we enjoyed it for what we had come for a race with our dogs in a beautiful forest, the trails were stunning the scenery spectacular with autumn leave adding to the effect. Well signposted indeed with friendly marshals. BUT and there always is a but there were hills lots of hills!

Karen & Finn Photo by Paulina Sołtysiak

Finn and I set of with great enthusiasm but he soon settled down and not once did he pull me up a hill, Jane and Bradly followed, it was 1 minute intervals for the adults so the dogs didn’t get the excitement of the queue to the 3-2-1 go for the dogs ahead so it was all hard work and running, Viv and Storm were the last to start in the adult class.

Scott and Tiree were next and it was now 2.45pm, the other entered canicross junior boy was not there so the stood alone and Viv went to take a photo to 2.

Scot at the start photo by Viv Black
Photo by Paulina Sołtysiak

Zoom they were off Viv came to join me and we wandered up to the finish only to find Scott and Tiree charging up the hill at great speed (as they do) we nearly missed them finishing! The had done the 0.9 mile course in 3mins 57 seconds!! There were juniors on rigs and the only one faster then him was the 2 dog rigg – we renamed him Rocket Boy.

Jane decide she needed a sled dog, although Bradley seemed to think he could take the big boys on no problem – terrorist with attitude!

Sunday was better as we got to stay in bed and not arrive until nearer our race time.

Look out for this one next years hopefully we can get the later canicrossers briefing then the day would be perfect.

Jada did well in the junior female class.
Colin Spalding in the biker class
Bradley the sled dog
Our wee cabin
Junior boys winner
Open female canicross winners
Open Men Canicross Winners

SDASS Kershop Races

Keith Bremner and I went to Kershop fresh off the fun of Darnaway. There was a later briefing for this so not such an early start but still a bit of a drive. It was however a could weekend for weather rain rain and more rain, and the start was 3/4 of a mile up hill great BUT I had opted to run Alfie my friends large Munsterlander as Jura had a sore eye and Fraser and Scott were entered wight eh other 2 dogs.

Alfie is a machine he pulled me up that hill and we had a great run putting us in 3rd place after the first day. Keith had a great run with Naboo and was sitting 2nd.

Day 2 and Scott was with us now to race Tiree again no other kids entered in his age group and only one in the younger age group and the races again late afternoon – needless to say he was cold bored and wet by the time he set off. Was please at prize giving though as he got a huge chocolate santa for his efforts.

Day 2 race for me was awesome, Big Alfie doesn’t care if its raining or muddy, actually I think he really likes it, he is like a freight train and pulled and pulled the whole race, he caught up with Aileen Morton and Isla who were struggling and then refused to let them overtake again we had a wee sprint finish as well loved it great fun and very muddy.

Went to prize giving hoping to have held on to 3rd and was delighted with 2nd, just shows you how much a good pulling dog helps. Keith was 2nd and Scott took 1st and a chocolate santa. No photos were taken as it was too horrible.

Another one to add to the calendar next year but hopefully less rain please.

Dunbar Canicross Races


This event started as a thought that Something Was Needed in the East by those who travel to the West a lot!

We wanted a little event to encourage new Edinburgh and Borders Cani Sporters. And we wanted to help Karen Connal and her family who have organised so many Cani Sport Scotland days so well. With a huge amount of guidance and help from Karen, a Team from Cani Sports Edinburgh therefore put together a plan, got consent from the Local Authority for our selected location, settled on a route, got sponsors for prizes, a wonderful team of marshals volunteered and a timing team also volunteered learned a new skill and we were off.


Little did we expect record demand, having to cap places at 100 and such a superb days racing. The numbers created new challenges…not least filling 100 goodie bags! But organising the event was a real Team effort and fun. Something to be recommended to any Cani Sports Group. [There were 106 entries (a few withdrew due to injury allowing others more to enter) 98 on the start list, 89 started and 88 finished]

A week in advance entries closed, starting lists were written and route marking was completed a day in advance. Then came the day. The sun shone. The sea was properly blue. The sand was yellow and fine. The Bass Rock glinted in the distance. The planned water feature evaporated, the all important coffee van arrived and the course was soft on dog paws!

Dunbar 17112013
John and Alfie win Men 25-39 class. Photograph by Yellow Dog Photography

At a little under 5k, and flat, the long course offered sand and mud challenges with a number of sharp twists and turns. The male and female 25-39 times of 17.09 (minutes) and 17.27 set by John Lang with Alfie and Lindsay Cloughly of Cani Fit with Monty respectively were startlingly fast. The male two dog races were dominated by noisy Border Terriers, but they were beaten into second place by Ali Black’s team of snow dogs winning in 17.31. Barbara Sloss’s team including Millie & Bree won the female two dog race in 24.28. The over 40’s male was won by Keith Bremner and Naboo in a course record of 16.12 (which may not be beaten ever!) and over 40’s female by Jane Irvine and Jasper in 20.05. Fraser Connal won the mixed 15-24 group in 20.30 with Finn.

And yet again the under 15’s racing set some frighteningly fast times on the 2.5k course. The 7-10 year old category was won by Kerryn Foy with Jura in 12.02, the 11-14 year old category by Scott Connal with Tiree in 9.52 and Catherine Dolliver was the fastest adult with Gypsy in 10.29.

Scott & Tiree
Winner of junior 11-14 in fastest short course time. Photograph by Kaye Wilson

The stars of the day were however the number of people for whom this was their and their dogs’ first race.  The Best Newcomer prize won by Martin Butcher with Bobby Butcher was hard fought!

Ours is a growing sport.  It was great to see so many new faces enjoying themselves.  It was fantastic to see the camaraderie, new friendships forming, the dogs enjoying themselves and always coming first in owners’ minds

The sea was proper blue!
Lots of first time racers took part in the event

Winning is important, but here in Scotland the team working between dog and owner is the key. Wellbeing of the dogs is paramount. Long may it remain so and may we continue to hold new events welcoming new folks and introducing them to our fabulous sport!  May there be many other days like this when owners are “Active with their dogs in and around Edinburgh & the Lothians” to quote Edinburgh Cani Sports!

As usual big thanks are due to the Time Keepers, Marshalls and everyone else who contributed to a great day including our very kind sponsors Just Dogs Shop, Puppins, Max & Molly Designs, CSJ and Cani Fit.  Plus Steam Punk the coffee and brownie providers to whom one Border Terrier sends a big apology for silently stealing a pack of brownies…

Race report by Jane Irvine
We trailed a new timing app called race splitter – which was brilliant and enabled us to be bang on time for prize giving, being slowed down only by hand writing the names and times on to the result sheet, a printer will be purchased with race profits for the next event. We could even have had full results on line immediately – thats how cool the app is – but we took our time over a late lunch in the nearest pub that had wifi, to double check all was in order which it all was and had them all online by 3.15pm. The biggest benefit of the new app for timers and runners was the flexibility of starting when you were ready this made the start much more relaxing and less stressful even turning up in the wrong order or late or dog backing out of its harness (mine didn’t for a change) was not a problem.
Can I say a huge thanks to Cani-sports Edinburgh for all their work with route, prizes, marshals etc. all the local jobs delegated eastwards made my job much easier and, with a strong team on the day, enabled me to run my own dog which is why I wanted races in Scotland in the first place so I could run in them!
Dunbar Results 
Male and (15-24 mixed) –

Jedburgh (from a gone running dogs point of view)tibbi & greigI didn’t think I was going to get to do this gone running race after

not being allowed run to at teh hooman spikey shoes race (**
Scottish National XC Relays **) the day before.
I’d had to watch in tail-between-legs ashamedfullness as hooman dad
ran around and around a big park miles away from being teh winner.
He has a huuujj ego and assumes that when we win together it has
nothing to do with him being dragged by me, probably the fasted dog
in the world. After his shamefull performance he then had the cheek
to try to do his warm down with me I was furyous! There must have
been at least another 100 faster runners I would have been happy to
warm down with.
So teh next day I was still furyous when we drove for hours to teh
Jedburra Gone Running race which I ashumed he would also run by
himself when suddenly I taken to teh start line and expected just to
win him a gone runing race. I syed and started chasing after teh
100s of dogs who had started before us but it no good I was not
ready could feel in my runnings that I was touching fur. I slammed
on teh brakes and did my poo with all teh dignety you can hav when
people are doing stares and your hooman “partner” is doing tutts and
looking at his rist.
When I was reddy we started doing running again and I soon found one
of my favourite things, Stairs! Ther was a track at teh side you
could run up but pulling a running hooman up lots of stairs is so
funny, their legs just cant do it properly. I pulled him as fast and
hard as I could to give him teh full bouncy effect, lol. I love
We were running fast now and passing lots of hoomans and dogs but I
was getting more and more anoyed by somthing he always dos when we
do races. He says Goohhtibbeee! again and aain in a panty hooman
voice. I understand most Hooman words but this one took me ages to
work out becawse in panty hooman voice this sounds like woof phrase
for “Thers a Helichoptor Landing”! In our 1st ever race I spent
most of my time looking at teh sky for ages thinking I was actully
doing mountains rescue work and no helichopter ever appeared. Since
then i’ve just ignored evrything he says when hes panting. But
today I was in a very bad mood and had had enouff. So I stopped
right in front of him, turned around and gave him teh propr sheep
dog stair command for – “Shut up you total moron you are proprly
putting me off my job, stop making that incorrect noise now or will
I flip you onto your back and hold you there for teh regulation 30
seconds”! It seemed to work and were carried on in blissful
Teh next thing bad to happen was cows. We had to run past a field
with them staring through teh fence. I hate cows! I was born in a
shared den with cows and until I chose my hoomans, my Dog family
took weeks of abuse, teh worst of which is teh highly abusive term
“stickwolf”! which is just awful! I always run past them as fast
and as low as possible so teh cruel taunts go over my back.
Admitedly I find Cows are much worse when Im with my sister-in-law
Dot who is a failed professional sheeporganizer and grinning idiot
who likes to sing some old backward collie song about sawsages at
them which just makes teh cows even worse. Its all so unesisary.
Now in teh race we got to lots of fast muddy downhills which I
almost love as much as stairs, this is teh bit where hooman legs
completely loose control and you can pull them as hard and fast as
you want as they dont have to stay on there feet anymore to go fast.
Then we must have got lost becawse when we got to teh distance that
I agreed (some years ago) that I was prepared to do in gone running
races we still clearly werent finished or at teh place where hooman
mum appears with drinks and tastysnaks. I sportingly kept going
until we eventually got to teh finishing place but I could see I
hadnt won becawse there other hoomans and dogs ahead so I used teh
last bit for some easy reelly slow running as it was a chanse to
make hooman dad think about all teh big mistakes he had made in just
1 weekend. After we had finished another hooman respectfully shared
his own dogs tastysnaks with me while hooman dad in some kind of
puppyish tantrum acktually ate half of mine!!! before another hooman
(probably from teh SSPCA) stepped in and told him off!
Sometimes I despair that my talents are being wasted on a poor
hooman partner but I still think I can train him to do not loosing
before he gets too old.
(** Tibbie did win this race she just dosn’t understand time trials
Race report by Tibbie Doo, 1st Male 40+


An invitation to put on a canicross race alongside the Jedburgh running festival was not to be ignored but in the weeks leading up to the race the legistics of distance and organisng alongside other events and the very few entries coming in were a worry.
However on race day with all marshals in position 48 entries and 39 starters 45 dogs and the forcasted storm staying further south things were looking good.
The coures was “Challenging” a 6.5k circuit taking in town, country and hills, lots of hills – (778 feet of elevation gained). Heavy rain had produced mud, lots of mud and a couple of tricky sections with boardwalks and bridges added to the slippy conditions – but the hardy canicrossers of Scotland and England were not to be put off by mud, rain and hills.
A 15 second staggered star spread the runners out a bit more on the course and the timers sat back and waited expecting about 30 mins before seeing anyone return. First past the post was Craig Walling and Broc in a great time of 27:31 but not the fastest of the day that was again Greig Glendinning and Tibbie 27:28. Fastest Female & Best Newcommer was Caroline Wallace and Roxy 30:15 with a special prize for muddiest pair going to Jenny Mair with Petra & Katie also 2nd in the Female 2 dog class in 45:08.
Keith Bremner had a shot at 2 dog running with Colin Reids Anna and his own Naboo ccame in 1st but it was a real team effort with Colin “I’ll just jog round with Mitch” Reid finishing just ahead and taking 2nd in Male 40+ behind Greig & Tibbie. Fiona Lampkin with Blue & Rowan won Femal 2 dog and it was nice to have the entries to gender split in 2 dog for a change. In Female 40+ the winner was Jane Irvine with Bradley.
Could this be an annual fixture in the Borders? Lets hope so with positive feedback all round and promised help from the local canicross group lets put canicrossing on the map alongside other running events at Jedburgh, pencil in Saturday the 25rd of October 2014 for Canicross and Ultra races with the 10k and half marathon on the Sunday (tbc)
Full Results Here: Results Jedburgh Canicross

Craig Walling 1st male 15-39
Craig Walling 1st male 15-39
Jedburgh Running festival Medal for all finisher - nice ribbon with Canicross 2013 on it too
Jedburgh Running festival Medal for all finisher – nice ribbon with Canicross 2013 on it too
Fastest over all on the course Greg Glendinning & Tibbie
Fastest over all on the course Greg Glendinning & Tibbie
Fiona Lampkin with Rowan & Blue 1st Female 2 dog
Katie Stopher & Fionn
Katie Stopher & Fionn
Colin Reid 2nd male 40+ losley followed by Keith Bremner 1st in Male 2 dog
Colin Reid 2nd male 40+ losley followed by Keith Bremner 1st in Male 2 dog

Scotland Takes on the World in Wales
Team Scotland

Our gold medalists, Scott, Barbara and Catherine Mason
Our gold medalists, Scott, Barbara and Catherine Mason

Well what a fantastic time Team Scotland had at the Canix World Championships – with 45 runners and their dogs bringing home a haul of 23 medals and coming 2nd in the medal table behind England.

It was more than medals however that made the championships so much fun for everyone who made the long trip to Pembrey: Emily and Keith had birthdays to celebrate and the event shelter or “party tent” as it was renamed and the fire pit were well used. Much cake was eaten and many bottles were recycled.

The dogs loved it as you can tell from the photographs and videos, lots of happy faces as they run and lovely post race walks in the forest and beach afterwards too.

Catherine Mason
Catherine Mason Gold in Junior Girls 11-14 class

Although this was the first Canix World Championships we are hoping not the last, maybe it can come to Scotland in the future we will certainly give them a warm welcome.

Scottish Medalists – 23


Barbara Sloss, with her rescued Springer Spaniel Kayla, won GOLD in the Super Veteran female 60+ class. Scott Connal with John & Amanda Langs border collie Bauer won GOLD with Fin Mason and John Foy taking SILVER and BRONZE and a clean sweep in the Junior Boys 11-14 class. SILVER MEDALS for the Mens Relay team [Greig Glendinning, Craig Walling, Keith Bremner & Scott Connal] and for Charlie Foy in boys 7-10 class, Carla Thomson in Girls 7-10, Ali Black in mens 2 dog and Noanie Heffron in the Masters female 40+ class.

Also winning Silver in 2 very impressive and very fast categories, Masters Men and Men 15-39 were Greig Glendinning of Bellahouston Road Runners just 7 seconds behind England’s Ian Reid, whose best time over the 5k course was 16:09.91 and Craig Walling SILVER to Belgium’s 5000m track champion Cedric Van De Putte, whose championship winning time over the 5k course was 13:17.46.

A superb run from the youngest girl in the age group won Kerryn Foy (age 10) Bronze medal position in junior girls 11-14 category with border collie Jura. Our female relay team also took bronze in a very competitive and fast relay event  [Noanie Heffron, Katie Stopher, Alison Wylie and Catherine Mason]

Female Team Bronze
Female Team Bronze

Full results:



Duncarron Races 28th & 29th September 2013

10015571106_dd2ea7b72c_nWhat a fantastic weekend we had at Duncarron, 74 entries with 10 classes each day and loads of prizes donated by CSJ & K9 Trailtime.

K9 trail time logo
csj_logo_text_cmyk black_green_finalOur Race Champions were Colin Reid, Scott Connal and Jordan McKinstey, a close 2nd to Jordan was first timer Amanda Lang by a mere 3 seconds over the 2 days.

ChampionsNew was our team event which was taken over by the huge entry from Canisports Edinburgh wining both male and female team prizes.
Ladies TeamAnd a host of juniors entered making it a great competition with times so tight on the Saturday and family rivelry made Sundays race great to watch and they looked like they were having fun running it to. Charlie, Mitch & ColinThose who camped overnight continue the fun with long walks, geocahing, campfires and a few drinks. We had a great time socialising round the fire with the Duncarron peoples who had been filming all weekend for the BBC a programme about Bannockburn, they had some stories and jokes to tell and the rum was flowing.

More pictures of the evetn here:

Duncarron results Sat28_9_13Duncarron results Sun29_9_13
(double click to view bigger)

Mugdock Races 24th Feb 2013

A great day of races ws held at Mugdock Park, 72 entries and a tough forest cours of about 6.5k with a 2.5k fun run and kids race to.

734906_10151292754467045_1533963707_nPrizes donated by Land of Holistic Pets in 9 classes results below
(double click to view bigger)FEB 24TH 13 RESULTS

Exploring Duncarron Medieval Village

4th November 2012

By Alison Wylie

Carron Valley is famous for it’s mountain biking routes and endless forest track.  However, I believe it is going to become a new favourite location for Scottish Cani-Sports.  Not only is it in a perfect central location for easy access for those travelling from all areas of Scotland, but the terrain is great for the dogs (if a little stony) and there is the added benefit of fantastic views.  The meet was organised by Keith Bremnar and Sandra Rigby.  Keith had already explored a 4k loop through a small woodland on soft terrain, up a stretch of forest track then along an undulating single track flanking the reservoir before looping round to the start.  The route allowed participants to do as many loops as they are their dogs were able.   Testimony to the inclusivity of the group the meet attracted all different breeds of dogs and allowed for an array of Cani-Sports.  This included canicross, bikejor, rig mushing and of course walking.  Following the mornings activities the attendees were privileged to be given a private guided tour of the Medieval village by Keith Bremnar.  A fantastic day topped off by hot drinks and a picnic and a whole load of happy and sleepy dogs!”



At the weekend, the hounds I joined in on a free training meet up in Aberfoyle and we had a great time!  It was organised by Paul O’Donnell (an experienced sled dog owner and competitor) and his partner Heather Falconer.  They gave  us a fantastic day with a choice of 3 routes which were all clearly marked.  The Mushers went out first, followed by the bike-jorers and then cani-crossers.  There was lots of mud and puddles and the trails were of a good surface for the dogs paws and joints.  The trails themselves were a mix of flat, downhill and uphill, so something to suit everyone.  We met some new and old friends and there was lots of chat and helpful tips given out.  Dogs attending ranged from a Jack Russell to Huskies and all were made to feel welcome, there was no breed snobbery at all.  As we were packing up Paul and Heather kindly gave all the dogs a pre-christmas goodie bag of treats and a lolly pop for the humans 🙂  Then it was off to the pub for a hot bowl of soup.  Can’t wait till the next one!  All photos were taken by Gilli McLeod, Barbara Sloss, Heather Falconer and Me!  Thanks to everyone for a great day! There’s been loads added to the gallery too.



Well last weekend saw our second race weekend at Mugdock Country Park near  Milngavie.  The venue itself benefits from lots of Forest paths, Castle Views and most importantly MUD!

The first event on the Friday night was Caniteering.  The weather was not pleasant but we were lucky to have a few teams join us and I understand they had lots of fun, especially the kids.  They searched the park grounds for orienteering markers in the time limit of an hour.  Karen was out finishing setting the course for the next days race and she saw them running excitedly through the trails, with parents and dogs closely following behind! The fastest team back was team Gall-Don, who were superb and left with goodie Bags and a prize of Luaths Dog Food, courtesy of Land of Holistic Pets.

For those of us who were camping it was a wet night and we were glad to have the shelter of the events canopy.

It was an early rise on the Saturday morning, to put the finishing touches together for the day ahead’s races.  The team of wonderful volunteers arrived nice and early and helped the day to run smoothly.  The course was checked and was nice and muddy from all the rain and runners were briefed to take caution on the course.  We had a 5k Canicross Race, 3km fun runand kids/junior race and a 5km Bike-Jor race all on that day so it was the Bike-Jorers to start, followed by the kids, fun run and adults 5km.  The dogs were all very excited and were howling and barking at the start line, but everyone went off safely, with the odd rain shower keeping the temperature down.

Each team made their way round the technical course and comments from the marshals were “they looked like they were having so much fun” and “my god they’re fast”.  I think there was also a lot less mud on the trails too than when we started as most of the competitors were fairly dirty when they got back and that wasn’t just the canine competitors!  When the last team was in the results were collated and there was a short break, whilst everyone headed to get “recovery” rolls from the park cafe.

It stayed dry  for the prize giving, with all class winners receiving prizes which were donated again by our main sponsor, Land Of Holistic Pets and also K9 Trail time and Cani-Fit.

Every competitor also received a goody bag, with lots of leaflets, copies of the Scottish Running Guide, a bottle of water, Caramel wafer, Dog treats, Food sample, tennis balls, money off vouchers and frisbees, donated by Land of Holistic Pets,  Dr Dolittle Pet Care, Connal Mutts, Highland Spring, Tunnocks and Wixard of Paws.  Thanks to everyone for all the donations.

Saturdays results were as follows:

KIDS 7-10 

1st Place – Caitlin Rigby &  Pixie – 14:08:630

2nd Place  – Sasha Walker & Pepe – 14:23:320

JUNIORS 11-14 

1st Place – Scott Connal & Tiree – 08:44:410

2nd Place – Cameron Don & Cara – 10:11:550

3rd Place – Abbie Reid & Misty – 12:08:90

M/F 15-24 

1st Place – Fraser Connal & Finn – 25:00:820

2nd Place – Ciara Rooney & Cassie – 37:20:850

MALE 24-39 

1st Place – Emilio Cosimo & Tess – 21:49:700

2nd Place – Alan Robertson & Stan – 21:51:000

3rd Place  – Scott Denney & Breagh – 22:39:730

FEMALE 24-39 

1st Place – Sarah Walker & Claude – 29:32:670

2nd Place – Alanna Darling & Ronson – 29:50:190

3rd Place – Sarah Howson & Maizy – 37:01:250

MALE 40+

1st Place – Ali Black & Storm – 24:46:420

2nd Place – John Ritchie & Kaiah – 27:33:440

3rd Place – John Fewster & Faith – 29:09:630


1st Place – Norma Bone & Purdy – 28:31:540

2nd Place – Kirsty Archbald & Kai -29:55:460

3rd Place – Nicola Foy & Sam – 37:45:660


1st Place – Victoria Rock & Kai – 20:22:770

2nd Place – Marc Barwick & Judo – 22:57:200

3rd Place – Emily Thomas & Donnie – 24:27:310


1st Place – Fi Walker & May – 13:21:380

2nd Place – Jill Matheson & Arthur – 14:32.160


1st Place – Karen Connal, Jura & Tiree  – 27:51:260
2nd Place – Scott Greeen, Oooska & Tara – 34:25.220


Victoria Rock & Kai (donated by Land of Holistic Pets)


Mairi Macdondald & Tess (donated by K9 Trail Time – MuckSac)


Scott Denney & Breagh (donated by Canifit got a new bungy line)


Emilio Cosimo & Tess

After the prize giving, a group of us headed down to Charlie’s Cafe Bar for a well deserved lunch, and then spent the afternoon with the dogs.  The planned barbecue had to be put off  due to the torrential rain and we all had Dominos before settling down for the night.

On Sunday morning the weather was much better and we got up bright and early, to get set up.  Everyone arrived raring to go.  The races kicked off in the same order and due to the rain the previous day, there was even more mud for the dogs to enjoy!  It was the same route as the previous day, with some competitors running who had run the previous day and some new ones.  Everyone did really well and the results were as follows:

KIDS 7 – 10

1st Place – Caitlin Rigby & Pixie – 13:12.110

JUNIORS 11- 14

1st Place – Scott Connal & Tiree – 08:24:490
2nd Place – John Foy & Sam – 12:25:270
3rd Place – Abbie Reid & Misty – 12:29:080


1st Place – Jordan McKinsery & Poppy – 29:04:560

MALE 24-39

1st Place – Alan Robertson & Stan – 21:00:850

FEMALE 24-39

1st Place – Pauline McLean & Tom – 31:36:270
2nd Place – Lynsey Donaldson & Logan – 35:31:850
3rd Place – Tanya Rooney & Harry – 38:26:730

MALE 40+

1st Place – Colin Reid & Anna – 25:05:580

2nd Place – Darren Firth & Milo – 25:29:100

3rd Place – Allan Davie and  Zia – 32:43:990


1st Place – Fiona Lampkin & Blue- 27:54:760
2nd Place – Kirsty Archbold & Kai – 29:20:620


1st Place – Victoria Rock & Kai – 20:57:850

2nd Place – Emily Thomas & Donnie – 21:41:550

3rd Place – Marc Barwick & Judo  – 22:02:510


1st Place – Jill Matheson & Arthur – 13:56.130

2nd Place – Emily Thomas & Tegan  – 19:11:250


1st Place – Karen Connal, Jura & Tiree – 28:10:410
2nd Place – Sally Robertson, Charlee & Jura – 30:00:380


Marc Barwick & Juno (donated by Land of Holistic Pets)


Janis McArthur & Jack (donated by K9 Trail Time – MuckSac)


Sally Robertson Charlee & Jura (donated by Land of Holistic Pets)


Alan Robertson & Ozz

We were very lucky to have goodie bags and prizes donated for day 2 as well as day 1 from the sponsors mentioned above.  Over the weekend we had some fantastic photos taken by Chris Clark and Fraser Connal, Thanks Guys! Please follow the links below, to the various albums:

Fancy joining us at the next one, check out the upcoming events page 🙂


On the 16th June 2012 some of the group headed to Yellowcraig’s Beach at Dirleton, East Lothian.  When we planned the event I thought we may have needed to cancel it, because of the temperature, however the Scottish weather didn’t let us down and it was rainy and windy!  Great weather for the dogs as it was nice and cool.  Sophie Shorthouse kindly sorted us out with two routes and told us which way to go, so we all got harnessed up. Once we were all ready, super fast Fraser Connal led the way and we were off on the first route along wooded trails and country paths!  We met a few interested faces along the way who said they’d look us up. The next route was down over the beach, along the golf course and through the woods.  The beach was spectacular even in the wild weather and the dogs seemed super excited when they got down there. After the run we all headed to the beach where the dogs had a paddle in the sea.  Usually we’d all sit and have a picnic but we decided to go to the village art gallery and cafe instead.  It was brilliant and warmed us up nicely.


By Jasper Wylie 

It was still dark outside when mum strolled down the stairs in her running gear, all chirpy and excited. Did she not know how ridiculously early it was? Silly woman!! I grunted my disgust at her and tried to shield the light from my eyes with my paws. But then I heard the magical sentence “come on Jasper, it’s Mugdock day!”. Mugdock day!!! Mum had told me all about this for weeks. She told me I would be able to run with her on my harness, racing other dogs. She promised me endless treats and play time with my K9 friends. I jumped up like a shot; wolfed down my pre race breakfast and jumped into the car without instruction. I sensed the nervous excitement from mum and it was contagious.

We got to Mugdock stupidly early; I scowled at mum realising I could have spent an additional hour snoozing on my sofa. But very quickly cars of all different types started arriving and inside these cars I saw potential K9 friends. Some of which I had sniffed before and some of which I had yet to sniff. Oh boy oh boy I was excited!!

Mum registered for us, it appeared to be so seamless, she simply looked up her number, found it in a folder and hey presto, jobs a good ‘un. This gave me more time to play and explore. First stop …. Cani Fit, where I was fitted with my brand new backpack. It’s not just you humans that can carry a picnic around! Delighted with my new purchase I paraded around the race head quarters to see who else was around. I snuck into the control room (sssshhhh I’m told doggies weren’t allowed). Inside there was a table full of toys and goodies. I bought some raffle tickets and crossed my paws to win the yellow toy and carried on my journey. Out at the front of the big old court yard building I saw a tent being assembled and people with high viz jackets hurrying here and there.

Finally the time came for the briefing, Karen and Sandra along with their helper Caitlyn stood in front of all the racers and explained the dos and don’ts. I lost track of the briefing as I looked around between the sea of legs at all the other dogs. I started sizing up my competition and felt a sense of queasiness as the nerves hit me. All the dogs looked so fit, they all seemed so confident. There were spaniels, huskies, collies, terriers, poodles, labradors, pointers, beagles, wire haired vizslas, Kelpies, dalmations, alaskan malamutes, german shepherds, beautiful cross breeds and so many others.

We all flocked around the start line as Stuart and Vicky controlled the staggered starts. The scooters and bikes set off first. Tamaska was shouting to the world I think it was something like “I’m the man, tam the man” he was so excited, I think he ended up giving Vicky a big rope burn, woops, it looked a sore one! Then the youngsters set off; they flew! These mini adults may be small, but jeezo they were on fire. I watched as the men all lined up, Shady was singing, he seemed like a dog

possessed. Sheba did her best to give him a bit of verbal competition. I waited in line behind Whisky, she looked a little bit daunted by all the commotion and to be honest, I was feeling a bit scared myself. Behind me Lupo was chomping at the bit. I just stood, frozen to the spot; terrified. Was it too late to change my mind? Then mum shouted “Pull” and I just ran ………

I ran along a twisting, undulating path, I’m sure mum was shouting “steady” at me, but all I could see up ahead was Whisky, I was determined to catch her. We passed marshal after marshal and heaved a “thank you”. We negotiated the path between walkers and bikers. “Yala” shouted mum, (I’m told this is Arabic for hurry up). I ran and ran, as fast as my skinny little legs could carry me. It wasn’t easy pulling mum behind me; I felt she was being a bit hypocritical. She was shouting “yala” at me, whilst she was a dead weight. I was doing all the work! We crossed over a road and became engulfed in a forest; it was magical. I drew even with Belle and managed a sneaky over take. We trudged through the mud and I heard mum praising her choice of running trainers as her fell shoes kept her steady in the treacherous terrain. Before I knew it, we were out of the forest and negotiating a small wooden bridge. I tilted my head up and could smell the finish; I knew we were close to victory. But I was tired; my little legs could not run as fast as at the start. I broke down into a trot despite mum encouraging me to pull out a sprint finish. The home run was steep and tiring, I was exhausted. I lead mum over the finish line to be greeted by a hustling crowd. I was elated, I had just completed my first proper canicross race and I was hooked!

As I basked in my post race elation I watched as the other dogs crossed the finish line. It struck me how lucky we all are. We all have owners who spend time with us, dote on us and run with us. I surveyed all my doggie friends and I swear they were all smiling. I have never seen such a happy and healthy group of dogs before. Come to think of it, I don’t think I have seen such a happy and healthy group of humans either.

Mugdock could not have happened without amazing organisers, helpers and fellow racers. An incredibly grateful woof goes out to you all! Bring on the next one …….

Congratulations to Jasper and her Mum Ali for coming first in their class in 20.44 minutes!

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