CSS Champions League Table

The Championship League is suspended until our full race program returns to normal, post cover suspensions, and funds are built up to enable us to host the league and purchase prizes.

A CSS Champions League Points Table to track how you are doing at all CSS races throughout the season, consistency is the key here.

See the Points Table below for on going and historic results we will endeavour to update the table as soon as possible after each event, please contact us asap if you think your points are incorrect or if you appear multiple times (usually because of different spellings of your name on your entry form).

To be placed in the points league you must compete in a minimum of 50% out of the CSS races that season (September to June) in the same category and attend the Prize Giving at Strathallan in April, non-attendance at prize giving will mean the prize will be awarded to the next highest placed competitor, if you know in advance or think you might be placed but can’t attend the prize giving, for work reasons etc. you may nominate someone to collect your prize for you, you must tell the organisers in advance and before the closing date for the Strathallan race of this arrangement, who your nominated and this person must attend the presentation on your behalf.
*note in junior categories where a child has not managed to attend 50% of available races, (they have less opportunities to race and can’t drive themselves there) a prize will still be awarded if this is not putting that child ahead of someone who did attend 50% of available races.

Points will be collected at all CSS Races with a prize awarded 1st – 3rd in each gender/category, 16 – 24’s will be merged with 25-39, 60+ will be merged with 50+ as entries tend to be low in those age group, points will be based on the 2 categories together as if it was a 16-39 or 50+ category. The points structure is detailed in the grid below. If there is a tie and additional prize will be supplied to the runner who has attended less races. Points are not awarded for the fun run.


We want to keep our age on day of race structure so if that means you change age categories during the season your points for the whole year will be included in the older / new age category (organised decisions final with regards to age category changes). To help with admin please email the organisers if you will change age categories during the season.

NOTE: Points for Strathallan Sunday race and the Black Dog 5k race will be included in the current League table, AND Points for Strathallan Sunday Race in April following seasons league table – this is to allow us to have processing time for final results and the presentation at 2pm at Strathallan on the Saturday April.

Have fun and remember entries close a week before the race on a Sunday at midnight.

Link to Google Share where the FINAL RESULTS of the 2019/20 League table is available to view

Upcoming Events
Any errors you notice can be corrected please email the error, any and all corrections will be made while processing the next event, its your responsibility to look for duplicates of your own name etc.

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