10th Anniversary Jigsaw Challenges

UPDATE OCT 2022 – Spreadsheet

To celebrate our 10th anniversary year we are inviting you to do 4 x ‘Ten” themed challenges.

Each challenge completed will gain you a jigsaw piece which will fit together at the end of the year and sit on a nifty wee stand on your mantelpiece or trophy cabinet. 2 of the challenges are relatively easy and 2 will require a bit more effort. Adults, Children and Marshals can all take part.

We will need to know if you plan to do one or all of the challenges so we can order enough jigsaw pieces, a tick box will be on entry forms or email Karen: canisportsscotland@hotmail.co.uk

The fun is in the taking part but to add an extra incentive to getting involved we are offering a years worth of free races to the first person to complete all 4 challenges or the prize will be split equally between challenge winners in the event of a draw.


Challenge 1
Run or marshal at our CSS 10th anniversary race at Mugdock on the 13th of February 2022.
All who attend will receive a finishers medal and those earning 2 or more jigsaw pieces will also get the Mugdock piece.

Challenge 2
Run or marshal at 10 CSS races during the 10th anniversary year January 2022 till February 2023

Challenge 3
Run or marshal wearing 10 different hats at CSS events, be creative in how you do this photo or video evidence of your hat wearing will be required

Challenge 4
Run 10k – to do this you will need to run one of our CSS courses twice, first time round will be timed for the race then continue round again until you have 10k on your Watch/Strava/Garmin/similar proof required.
Children can gain this piece by running their course twice, please declare in advance if you plan to do this, tick box on the entry form.
Marshals can gain this piece by completing 2 tasks at one race/event/day.

We are also acknowledging Mugdock as our first race in 2012 with finishers medals for everyone, including the marshalls who help on the day, Sunday 13th of February 2022.

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